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The drivers are at the business end of the organisation. They deliver our service.  We pay their expenses but they give their time freely. If you have a car and a few hours to spare, you could be one of them.

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Help keep our wheels turning

The success of Car link is entirely due to the efforts of our volunteers. Their efforts make everything we do, possible. Demand for our service is growing and we need more people in order to keep up. If you can spare us a few hours a week. We would love to hear from you.

We need Drivers

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We need Coordinators

Our Coordinators provide the vital link between clients and drivers. They work in their own homes matching available drivers to requested journeys. We make sure they are compensated for the use of their phones and homes.

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Where to from here?

To move on to the next stage you can fill in the form opposite. Just enter your email address and use the comments box to tell us what role you are interested in and give us detail of the best way to contact you. Our volunteer support officer will arrange to meet you and take you through the application.


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call Robert on  01747 825131