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What is Gillingham Car Link

When the Hospital car service was scrapped, the people of Gillingham without a car faced  either a whole day of travelling to get to and from the hospital or a £70 each way taxi ride.  Gillingham Car Link was formed to meet this need.

We have a number of volunteer drivers who use their own cars to take people where they need to go. All our drivers are BDS checked. They  receive expenses to cover the running costs of their cars. Our coordinators are compensated for the use of their telephone, but everyone gives their time freely.

Gillingham Car Link became a registered charity a number of years ago. This means that you can be sure that your donations are being used for the benefit of the community. All our staff are volunteers. We have no paid employees at all.

As an organisation Car Link endeavours to be as transparent as possible. Our Annual General Meeting is open to the public and the minutes of the AGM are viewable here.

Tony Walker


I volunteer for Car Link because:

“I like to do something useful.”

Suzanne and Philip Walker


We volunteer for Car Link because:

“we enjoy helping people, chatting with them and with our drivers, and it makes us feel part of the Gillingham community.”

IKen Smith

Treasurer and driver

I work for Car Link because it helps people get out and about, but it also helps me. I get out and meet people.

Just Some of our People